C-Blocks -- Current limited outputs?


Do C-Blocks have current limited outputs?

I created a very simple C-Block. It has one output and the output is ALWAYS set to 10 (volts).
When I set a node plot on this output open circuit, I get 10V. Expected.
However, when I place a load on the output (such as 1 ohm), I get a different result. It appears to have a 1000 series resistance equivalence.

How do I get rid of this current limit? (Or at least set it much higher.)
ctests_loading.cpp (1022 Bytes)


Hi, Len.

From the help file:

Default impedance is, indeed, 1K. Set with ROUT.


Just in case you don’t know how to set ROUT, right click on the C++ block (X2 in your image) → Add new attribute → ROUT=… (it cannot be zero!)

Robert and @TiT8 ,

That works. Muchos Gracias!