Bypassing Android App

Hi everyone. I am new, so apologies if this is a simple question.

I am trying to call on the MDEK1001 API through my Raspberry Pi 3 model B+, and get the coordinates of tags directly. In other words, I want to get the data from the MDEK directly, without having to use their Android application. How can this be done? I have been going through the open source code, but am struggling to navigate through all of it. Is there no simple API that I can call to get the anchor ID and its respective coordinates?


Hi Zohaib,

yes, it is possible. You can connect the DWM1001 to a Raspberry and use one of the UART/SPI/Shell API to control the module.

Note: if you use the PANS Raspberry Image and want to use SPI interface, then you need to disable/unload the DWM Kernel Module. Then install the spidev driver which would allow you to access the SPI bus from the user-space.

Please see for more information.