Bug: Plot Command plotting wrong curves - part 1

The plot command seems to be ignoring comments.

I have a circuit with a collection of outputs and two plot commands. I comment one out and use the other. For some reason the plot command is plotting voltages that I have run previously and then commented out .

In the attached it should be plotting plot
V(Sig) V(Out2) .

Instead it is plotting
.plot V(Sig) V(Out1) V(Out2) V(Out3)

Interestingly it is not plotting
plot V(Sig) V(Out4) V(Out5) V(Out6)
that I have never actually run yet.

Perhaps a cache issue?

I have tried deleting net names. When I do so they do not show up in the plot, so it seems to be using fresh data.

I will include the output in a second post - am a new user and the forum wont allow multiple images

Hi, Cryptonomicon. Welcome to the forum.

Yeah, the .plot directives sometimes don’t do what I’m expecting. Here’s the relevant bit from the QSpice help:

If you’ve already run a simulation, changing the .plot directive doesn’t remove the prior waveforms. Try closing the waveform window before running another simulation.


Here is a discussion of this topic.
Make sure two things if you use .plot
1 Close waveform viewer before run simulation as Robert’s reply
2 Make sure there is no .pfg plot config in same directory (delete it if have that)


Removing the .pfg config file seemed to do the trick. Cool thanks