Bridge Mode Data via Shell

I currently have a DWM1001c DEV set up in bridge mode, and it is communicating with all my other modules. However, I want to develop my own application to view that location data that is being collected, however with the shell active on the bridge node via the RPi, none of the le* commands give me any of the data I want. Is there any way to view the raw data? Or do I have to just run an internal MQTT broker on the Pi to get the data? Thanks!

Hi Austin,

it is not possible to “display” the location or IoT data via Shell on a Bridge node. The amount of data collected on it is much larger and timing is important so they can be acquired only via SPI. You can use the Gateway functionality via the MQTT broker. Just use the Raspberry PI image provided in the PANS 2 release.


hi leaps
i have similar question
you mean if bridge connected with Rpi througth SPI, bridge getting location or Iot and transmitting it to Rpi?

what i to do is my dwm1001 set bridge and connect Rpi
my Rpi using dwm_anchor_list, dwm_anchor_set, etc… in dwm_host_api
all api is nice work! only location and usr_data related api is not work
any idea?

Thanks to read