Bootstrapping GPS

I am a college student working on a project where I am essentially bootstrapping GPS to a tag using the DWM1001-dev. Here is the set up:

I have 2 stations that are equipped with GPS, and I was thinking that I would configure these 2 stations as anchors. That way their location could be manually set based on their GPS locations. There will then be a third station that does not have GPS, which I was thinking would be configured as the tag. (I have it set up that all 3 stations are connected to individual Raspberry Pi’s.) From what I’ve read about the Decawave the tag finds its location based on its relative position to the anchors, but I think that I need all 3 nodes to have all location information so that I the two anchors can calculate a heading to the tag to essentially bootstrap GPS to that tag.

Will the tag be the only node to have the position information or will the anchors also know all of the position information? How do I get position information from the anchors

As a possible workaround I was thinking that I could have the non-GPS station as the anchor and have the 2 stations with GPS configured as tags. This way I could find the distance between the anchor and each tag, and the distance between both tags via GPS, to calculate the bearing to the anchor. This solution doesn’t quite seem as nice to me though.


I was studying bootstrap algorithms several years ago. Anchors are though not aware of the position tags in the system. Thus, you could use a passive tag so that you could build your gateway. There was an old thread on the forum:
DWM1001-DEV bootstrapping GPS via various systems in physics homework