Bootloading the DWM1001

I am having some issues bootloading the dwm1001 board.

I am able to flash over UART and BLE using nrfutil and nrfConnect with:

  • s132_nrf52_6.0.0 softdevice
  • pca_10040 UART or BLE bootloaders
  • a number of provided example images (both provided zips and my own zips generated from hex files)

I am able to generate my own keys and use them to create my own bootloaders and zips.

Where I am having issues is when I change my board from pca10040.h to dw1001_dev.h

I do this for both my application and the bootloader, generate my zip, flash the dwm1001 with the bootloader and softdevice, and then DFU the zip onto the board. Again, I can do this over both UART and BLE. The application will be transferred ‘successfully’ (according to the software), however the loaded application will not run. Looking at the device memory the application is definitely transferring.

I am happy to provide any additional information, any help would be greatly appreciated.