BOOSTP250 not working


We are using the following configuration.

Channel - 5
PRF - 16Mhz
Preamble Length - 128
PAC Size - 8
Preamble code - 3
Use non-standard SFD - false
Data rate - 6.8Mbps
Standard PHR Mode

We are sending 69 bytes of data in continous frame mode for power calibration.

We have used Decawave power calculator tool for calculating the frame duration. Total frame duration as per the calculator is 239.74µs. So if we change the BOOSTP250 value power should get changed. But in this case, there is no variation in power by changing BOOSTP250 values. But what we have noticed is, power is getting changed by varying BOOSTP500 register value. Also if I change the frame size to 65 bytes(235µs) power is getting changed by varying BOOSTP250 register.

What could be the issue???

Shijo Thomas

Hi shijo,

Can you elaborate a bit ?


Hi Bernard,

I have edited the post.

Anybody have idea on this?

Hi Shijo,

I am not too familiar with the power calculator but I think there may be some slight errors in its calculation, that could be problematic for near-threshold values (typically value around 250 us, 500us or 125 us).

If you look at the dw1000 user manual, page 109, it is said the 250 boost can be used up to a 67 bytes payload.

I’ll take a look a the details when I have a chance to see if there is any error in the calculator.


Thanks for the information