Boards.h not included in the DW3XXX_API_rev9p3

I’m trying to build a simple example “TEST_READING_DEV_ID” but I keep running into various missing elements. The one I cannot seem to resolve is that “board.h” is missing. I cannot find any reference to it in the API documentation. Any ideas on what to do here?

FYI I’m using the DWM3001CDK hardware.

If “board.h” is missing and not documented in the API, it might be a platform-specific file or a part of aboard support package . Firstly, check that the development kit or board you are using has a specific SDK or BSP available. If so, ensure it is properly installed and referenced in your project. If there are not, try searching for community forums or repositories related to your development board or a platform. Other developers may have been encountered similar issues and might have shared solutions or a alternative files. Additionally, contacting the manufacturer’s support or community forums for a assistance could provide insights or guidance on the resolving or this missing file issue. i am doing best try to help you .hope you will happy with my answer