Boards Channel Antenna config

I would like to change the boards Channel, I have read on the guide that you can use the command uwbcfg 9 64 etc …
I assume that you can change it as well from default_config.h
If I want to modify the default_config.h and switch to channel 5 do I have simply to change DEFAULT CHANNEL 9 to 5.
Do I have to change any other parameters like default pcode (this parameter has a relation with the channel used ?)
Also regarding the Antennas configuration, if I switch from channel 9 to 5 do I have to change something in the Antennas configuration taking in consideration that I want to collect cirs from both channels.
Thank you in advance

Hi @Hayaku ,

You can also change the channel by using uwbcfg 5 64 … command in CLI and the channel number is not tied to the other parameters in uwbcfg command.

The antenna on the DWM3000 module supports both channels so you don’t need to do anything about the antenna.

Kind regards,