Bluetooth additions using PANS on DWM1001

So, I’m a bit confused at this point with DWM1001 and the PANS lib.

I planned to have a few additional sensors on a board along with DWM1001, and use the C user API to both sample the sensors (I2C) and send the data over bluetooth along with position and others to a cell phone.

At this point, I’m seriously doubting this is possible using PANS, since I could not find a way to add any new attributes to the bluetooth protocol for the additional sensor data. I also considered exploring the “user data” for that but I’m not clear where this data is sent (to anchors? to UART/SPI?) and I don’t feel it can be sent over BLE either…

Can someome confirm this is possible with PANS lib? or would I have to not compile the PANS BLE part in, and rewrite the whole bluetooth handling (although I couldn’t seem to compile easily the nordic SDK in)


Hi Phil,

The BLE interface cannot be customised with PANS.

If you wish to add sensors, you can either process the data locally on the module, or send it to a gateway through UWB data uplink/downlink. Maybe have a look at the gateway quick deployment guide.

Hope it helps,


Thanks Yves, I’ll take a look at the gateway option.