Blink Frames issue in reception

Hey EveryOne!
Until now I’ve been using a simple protocol with poll, response and final messages and everything works fine.
However when I try to include Blink frame I have found some issues.
Tag is sending the blink message because the callback tx_conf_cb works perfectly but the callback rx_ok_cb in the Anchor side never happens.
My Tag has a 64-BIT invented address (0XBB,0XBB,0XBB,0XBB,0XBB,0XBB,0XBB,0XBB) so my blink message is :
tx_blink_msg[] = {0xC5,0,0XBB,0XBB,0XBB,0XBB,0XBB,0XBB,0XBB,0XBB,0x43, 0x02, 0, 0};
Has Anyone a similar issue?


I am not sure what code you are using, please place a breakpoint in callback rx_ok_cb, and step though the function and see what happens. I am suspecting that the rx_ok_cb is only looking at frames which have short/long addresses (and 2 byte FC), thus it is discarding “blinks” which have 1 byte FC.


Thanks! I think you are right so is it impossible to catch the interruption for this message?

Hi @LeyreBB have you solve that problem?

Hi @Huibean!!
I didn’t solve it with blink message I suggested because the interrupt never triggered.
As I need the interruptions in the process, I decided to use one of the typical messages and change the payload to convert it in a “blink message”.
Finally, I distinguish between them using message length and flags when interrupt triggers.
Hope it helps!

Thanks @LeyreBB , blink frame not trigger interrupt in my stm32u8t6 mcu but works in DWM1004C module, so I can skip this by now