BLE_MESH app and hw/bsp/dwm1001/syscfg.yml

Hi, i’m currently testing the ble mesh app, and the app provided with this example can’t find the devices

I think its cause of the fact I didn’t change the pins in the hw/bsp/dwm1001/syscfg.yml file. I don’t modify the file because I don’t know what I should change. But according to the Readme it is necessary

Otherwise, I did as explained in the Readme, also I changed 2 pins in the tag_mesh and node_mesh syscfg.yml file

(instead of UART at 0 and RTT at 1)

The code load into the dw1001 board, but the app provided with the example can’t find the devices.

Do you have any idea how I could possibly work this out ?

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Hi Opera,

For any queries regarding the mynewt stack, please refer to or log an issue on or tag_mesh.

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Thanks for your answer,

How can i have access to the decawave slack ?