BLE error after downloading new image to DWM3001CDK


I’ve been getting the error below right after building and downloading the Qorvo accessory app into the board. I did not do any modifications to the code yet. After I press the reset button the error goes away and the board resumes advertising correctly and I can connect the iPhone and see the ranging data into the RTT view.

00> app: ERROR 8 [NRF_ERROR_INVALID_STATE] at /Qorvo/Qorvo_Apple_Nearby_Interaction_Beta_release_1.0.0-1/Sources/Accessory/Qorvo_Apple_Nearby_Interaction_1.0.0/Sources/Qorvo/Qorvo_Apple_Nearby_Interaction_beta/Src/Comm/ble/ble.c:422
00> PC at: 0x00030B75
00> app: End of error report
00> Application: Nearby Interaction Beta
00> Target: DWM3001CDK
00> OS: FreeRTOS
00> Version: 1.0.0-220918
00> DW3XXX Device Driver Version 06.00.00
00> MAC: R8.2.3_E
00> app: Fast advertising.

Any idea of why this error is happening?

Hi @oli ,

The problem is potentially coming from the version of SEGGER Embedded Studio.
Please use for instance SEGGER Embedded Studio V5.60a and verify if you still have the same issue.

Hope it helps,