.bin file for driving STM32F072CBT6


I’m using a DWM1001-DEV.
After I replace the STM32F072CBT6, It doesn’t work anymore to re-flash and communicate.

Can anyone share me the .bin file that runs on it?

Thanks in advance

You have erased the JLINK-OB firmware. Segger license terms do not allow us to distribute the firmware.

I got it. So, how can i do?
Is there any good way?

I am afraid not. You have ‘bricked’ the unit.
If you have a JLINK or other SWD Debugger, you may be able to hot wire that up.


Maybe I can help you.
I flashed the DWM1001 using an Segger J-link Edu with the Pin SWD on the DWM1001.

Be sure to disconnect the STM32 with unsolder the correct jumper.

If you want i can take a a photo of the assembly.

can u share the photo?
Thank you so much.

Hi @Jea,

Yes, when I took the photo one little wire just desolder from the board.

Look at the Segger EDU datasheet for the correct pin. Just as a reminder you will need :

  • GND
  • Vref (for Segger)
  • +3.3V or +5V (I don’t remember the voltage from the segger)

You will need to power the the DWM1001_Dev with the USB, or you can active a configuration in the Segger EDU to power up the DWM1001_DEV.

I hope that will help you.

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Ok, I’ll try it. Thank you so much:)

No problem.

Also I mention it above but you need to desolder the jumper : J16 - J12 - J6 at the top of the DWM1001