Beta Testers for UWB Desktop Application for DWM1001

We developed desktop application that acts as a client for position data generated by dwm1001 devices that ship as part of mdek1001.

The application can receive the data from Mosquitto MQTT Broker on the Gateway over WiFi. However this solution still forces users to be in WiFi range to the gateway. In order to resolve this we managed to push the data from the bridge device to the Cloud. There are few free MQTT Brokers that the application can connect to securely using required security certificates. So the application can get position data from the cloud as well.

This app has quite a few capabilities such as saving/archiving the data in the database, ability to provide coordinates and draw floor/area plans with anchors’ location. Then the tags can be tracked in real time or users can playback the tag movements from archived data. (Think about inmates in prison - when somebody stubbed and authorities want to know who was close around him at certain moment). In addition, the position data precision and accuracy can be statistically analysed and presented graphically. The geofencing is also available but not sure if it is going to make into this release - rather complex feature that hasn’t been tested yet - it can issue email and text alerts per configured recipients.

We are looking for some serious testers that are willing to commit and report back the “bad” findings over an online bug reporting system. If interested, give me a shout…

To make it interesting I am posting a few screenshots…


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Leon, I am interested and we are going through our own in-house development and testing third-party systems right now for the exact thing. I’ll send you an email.