Best Kit/Dev Boards To Use For This Project

I am working on a project to track a tag indoors. I want to also be able to setup geofences and alarm if the tag crosses, as well as view the location of geofences and tag overplayed on an interior map. I see lots of demo kits are obsolete. Any recommendations on getting this project going?

Hi @stub
the easiest way is to start with devkits:
there are two (three) kits available now:

  1. UDK1 - very new one this is a new DEV kit like next generation based on DW3000 chip from muRata (2AB module). You can buy it here: [LEAPS s.r.o. UDK1 | Symmetry Electronics ]
    (LEAPS s.r.o. UDK1 | Symmetry Electronics)

  2. MDEK1001 - the oldest available one - it contains a DWM1001C and PANS firmware (well discussed here). PANS firmware is a complete TWR RTLS solution (closed source) ready to go.

  3. DWM3001-CDK - newer one based on the DW3000 chip series. But there are limited amount of examples available.


A complete tangent but I was amused by the technology comparison table on your web site (which is in turn copied from the Qorvo site).

Apparently UWB has a typical latency of less than 1 ms to get a cm accurate 3d location. Anyone here ever seen a system that could do that?

And GPS is only accurate to 5-20m with latencies of 100ms. I have a 20 year old hand held GPS that could easily do sub meter positions every 50 ms.

Obviously nothing to do with you but I do wish that when marketing people lie they at least make the lies slightly plausible.

would 4 DWM1001 boards work? It is hard finding a good instruction set to get these going.

Hi @stub
4 boards are like absolute minimum for PANS FW. You will have 3 anchors (which is absolute minimum) and 1 tag.