Best advised DC-DC converter for DWM + ESP?

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Some months ago we had some issues with our first prototipe board with a ESP+DWM1001 module. We had noise/transitients in our 3.3V line.

We are now ready to start our second prototype board now, and would like to know which DC-DC IC is advised to use. I know there was some previously advised IC, then it was not “good to use” anymore so another one came as “good”… So which one is fine for it, considering we would have an additional power requirement from the ESP32?

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For Tags
For Step Up TPS613221ADBVR (2xAA)
For Step Down TPS62842DGRR (LiPo/LiIon)

For Anchor Better to use a RF LDO
E.g. Texas Instruments TPS7A470x

Ok, in my case it would be for tags and using Ion batteries, so TPS62842DGRR would be the way to go.
Is there any difference between TPS62842 and TPS62840? I can’t find it.
Do you think the ESP32 power peaks would be fine with a total current limit of 750mA all together?

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Yes the difference is in the Package look at the end of the datasheet “Order Info”

Ok, I see, thanks for your reply. Also do you think it would deal with the power requirements of both ESP + DMW modules together?


Yea, the TPS62842 can deliver up to 750mA

|Active (RF working)|Transmit 802.11b, DSSS 1 Mbps, POUT = +19.5 dBm|240 mA|
|Receive 802.11b/g/n|100 mA|

Rx Active 154mA

So your worst case is around ~494mA so the TPS62842 can support that current without problem

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Awesome! Thanks for your help!

Hi all. In other post´s the Torex XC9258B33CMR was highly recommended.
@DonQuijote did you tried those?


Hi Ramg

Yes, I prefer the Texas Instruments device because I like TI more than Torex, but that is not enough to make a good decision so, lets do a small comparison to see which device is better.

Texas vs Torex (The Revenge of the Electrons)

So In resume
Torex is a little bit Cheaper
Torex is More Easy To implement because has Fixed Voltage Models an need 1 component less than TI
Torex has +250mA than TI
In Everything else TI regulator is a better Product by a lot
Efficiency is similar in both devices
Look a the IQ Current that is the most important parameter for Large Battery Life IoT Products, TI is the absolute winner.
The Texas Device is a Ferrari the Torex Device is a Ford in performance but the final decision is up to you.

Very clear!!!
Thank you.