Behavioural source not working as expected

I’m using a current dependent BV in a simple test circuit. The BV voltage source does not recognize the circuit element referenced in the V= expression. I get an error. Am I doing something wrong if I use L2 or V1 it works.

Fatal error: B1: unknown controlling source R3

I never liked how I did resistor current monitoring in prior art. I wasn’t quite correct, reporting the current from the previous timestep and not being part of the solution of the current step.

It’s easy to get monitoring correct for components modeled as a Thévenin equivalent. So do this

  1. Delete R3
  2. Replace it with a voltage source, say V2.
  3. Give the voltage source a value of “0 Rser=1k”
  4. Change the B-source value to “V=I(V2)”


yes I already changed to monitoring I(V1) and that works fine; it carries the same current as R3.
J Peter