Behavioral impedances (R L and C)

Hello I see that the behavioral impedances of the type : resistance R= function (Vnode) are not supported by Qspice. Is there a plan in the future to install this? Also non linear Capacitance and inductance defined by Q= C V or Flux =etc seem to have disappeared as well. Could I get some confirmation of these three points. Thanks a lot

QSPICE supports all of those. For the behavior resistor, you can use a B-source or a Resistor. You can choose either to use either a Norton or Thévenin equivalent.

For the reactances, both Q=… and Flux=… are supported. Both support transcapacitances and transinductances respectively, where transcapacitance is to a capacitance and transinductance is to an inductance as transconductance is to conductance. Additionally, C=… is supported via a predictor/corrector integration scheme which I don’t think every has been deployed in a SPICE program before.

I think the help docs are pretty thorough on this stuff.


Well well good things come to those who search for it: the behavioral R= f(Vnode) was localized in the section of the B devices, not the R. Thus the syntax is: Bx nodeA nodeB R = f( Vnode) etc…

R behavioral is supported. Or I misunderstand the question?

Hello Thanks for the answer. But I found my behavioral resistance in the B sources, not in the R section of the built-in devices. When I tried to implement the relation R= f(node ) withe classical R symbol, in my case it was a R= table( Vnode, x1, y1,…), I got a message of error. When I did the same with a B device(R= function), it worked with the table. Anyway, I solved my problem. Thanks again.

Table can work for R in this example. Glad that your problem has been solved.