Behavioral Gate Driver Question

Hello all. I’m really loving QSPICE. I have a quick question about the gate driver blocks. I’m simulating a boost converter and have verified deadtime between the upper and lower gate drive signals. I’ve read about this block (Dual Gate Driver BOOST) in the help but still need a little clarification on some things:

  1. I’m not 100% sure how to adjust gate driver resistances. .param statement seems to do nothing.
  2. Circuit simulates well with top switch gate shorted to source (ie just diode), but stalls when trying to drive top switch
  3. Basically, are there any tips and tricks when using this block that may be helpful?..especially on how to define all parameters.

Thanks for the guidance

Below is some starting informaton. To set one of the Instance Parameters, point at the dual gate driver instance on your schematic, right click, and choose “Add New Attribute”.

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Thank you sir. That was enough to get me going.

Hello, how you enable the schmitt trigger functionality in the AND gates, and define the high and low voltage threshold, to simulate properly the dead time of c4 r4?.

One of two ways: 1) leave the part as is to use the default value for logic threshold as equal to one half the supply voltage like I did (I powered the logic with 15 V in my case, so thresh is 7.5V)


  1. define it exactly how Mr. Engelhardt describes in his response to my original question