Beaconing message format


For a proprietary application of Decawave technology, we would like to use beacon messages to allow synchronization to a super frame. To enable frame filtering (allowing) for beacon messages, the beacon messages will have to have the correct frame control bytes. Where can I find a description of the beacon message that complies with the Decawave MAC filtering scheme?


All Decawave messages comply 802.15.4a Mac format. However the payload is proprietary. Take a look to the uwb_frames.h or similar filename in the Inc folder of the PDoA project components (node and tag)

I also want to point out, that the Beta PDoA project has an implementation of the TDMA, where slot #0 is not in use and reserved for future (say for co-existence purposes)… If you have an intention to build a multi node system, you can use it.

Thank you, that is useful information about slot 0.