Beacon Frame Filtering

Hi there,

I am trying to implement a beacon frame filtering. Basically the anchor will broadcast beacon frame and data frame, and I would like the tag be able to receive both. so on the tag side, I called:
dwt_enableframefilter(DWT_FF_DATA_EN | DWT_FF_BEACON_EN)

On the anchor side, the the frame control of the message is 0x8840, destination address 0xFFFF,source address is 0xF4F6

the tag short address is 0xF2F3;

I am not able to receive this beacon frame. what would be the cause?

But if I change the frame control to 0x8841, and dwt_enableframefilter(DWT_FF_DATA_EN ), it works perfectly, so I know the message format, short address etc. are all correct.

Any help is appreciated, Thanks