Batteries-included development environment for the DWM3001CDK

From previous forum posts, it seems like it’s somewhat difficult to get the DWM3001C running user code in standalone applications, with no external microcontrollers involved:

Therefore, I’ve made a repository that might be useful for people getting started with running code directly on the DWM3001C: GitHub - Uberi/DWM3001C-starter-firmware: A firmware for the Qorvo DWM3001C with comprehensive examples for all of the module's UWB and ranging functionality, and developer tooling that makes working with the firmware much easier than the official tooling.

This repository contains a port of the official DWM3001C examples to the nRF52833 onboard the DWM3001C, along with a tested and working build/flash/debug workflow. The entire firmware builds with a single “make” command. I hope you all find it helpful!

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This seems very useful, thank you.

In your dockerfile you’re adding the following libraries:
apt-get install -y libxrender1 libxext6

Does this mean it needs X11 to work?

Does this mean it needs X11 to work?

Nope! The installer runs completely in text-mode, but wouldn’t start or run properly without these two libraries present. They’re usually already installed on most systems, so I can see why the SEGGER folks didn’t mention it as a dependency, but for a Docker image we have to manually add them!

You also won’t need X11 for any of the build, program, or debug operations either - for example, for debugging via RTT, you’d usually use SEGGER J-Link RTT Viewer, but here I’ve chosen SEGGER J-Link RTT Logger instead due to it being far more scriptable.

I’ve also ported over the offical DWM3001CDK demo firmware to this build system - it’s a little less suitable for greenfield projects since there’s so much functionality stuffed in there, but you may find it useful as an example for functionality like UART over USB or interacting with the devkit’s peripherals! GitHub - Uberi/DWM3001CDK-demo-firmware: A heavily-modified version of the official firmware that runs on the Qorvo DWM3001CDK, cleaned up and simplified for easier customization.