Backhaul API functions in PANS software DWM1001

I notice that in V2.2 of the DWM firmware API guide there was a section on backhaul API functions (e.g. dwm_backhaul_xfer) and an example that detailed the SPI transactions between a host processor and bridge node for writing downlink data and reading uplink data. These have been dropped in V2.3. Does anyone know the reason for this?

Since the specific Raspberry Pi model required by the Gateway is no longer available I need to implement gateway functionality myself. I’m a firmware engineer so am happy dealing with timing constraints, but I need to know if the functionality described in V2.2 of the API guide is still valid or if it was removed for some specific reason.

Hi @jellison
the only one reason why it was removed from the doc is because we do not provide support for backhaul API functions. But the functions are still there.