B Source VprXover equivalent?

Given that Qspice does not support B sources with P=f() functions, I’ve been using Behavioral Resistors to create arbitrary power loads. (If anyone knows a better way for this, please share).

A feature that the behavorial resistor loads does not support though is VprXover, which in LTSpice automatically clamps the load to a minimum voltage (default 1V) to prevent excessive currents.

Is there any way to implement something like this in Qspice?

I remember I ran power load in LTspice but can return very strange behavior… but I never use active load in spice simulation and really not an expert in this area. Just ran across a test for active load and eventually gave up on that in LTspice.

Just for your information, Qspice offers active load with current source with instance param VSAT or VSAT2.