B-source dispaly irregularity

There is a small irregularity in the display of a B-source when you zoom out. Here is the image up close:

The other image needs to go in the next post.

The + and the minus do not scale well in zoom.

The ‘+’ and ‘-’ are done as rectangles. They look very nice on my monitor. You can define your own symbols. You’ll want to become good at making symbols anyway:

  1. Point at the B-source and type Ctrl-C. That component is now on the clipboard.
  2. Top menu item File=>New=>New Symbol
  3. Type Ctrl-V. The symbol of the component is now pasted into an otherwise symbol editor.
  4. Make the + and - signs something that you like.
  5. Click on the background of the symbol editor and type Ctrl C. The symbol is now on the clipboard.
  6. Click on the schematic and type Ctrl-V, that will instance up a component using the version of the symbol you like.
  7. enjoy.


OK, I looked into this more and was able to make an improvement that should look better on all monitors. You’ll have to delete the existing B-sources and add them back. New schematics will simply enjoy the improved rendering.


That looks much better!