Availability of DW3000

When the DW3000 will be available in market for purchase?


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I want to know the availability too…
There will be any evaluation kit?
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Another question…
There will be any evaluation kit? Price? Roadmap?

They are saying that, DW3000 is still in engineering sample stage and the product availability is in july time fame.

With all this COVID business, you guys think there will be a delay!?

The date may be extended.

Mass production of the DW3000 is planned for late June - early July. Like every company we have been affected by COVID-19 but AFAIK we are still mostly on schedule.

We plan to release multiple modules and development shields in the near future. These are currently being tested internally and by some customers. Which modules will be released and in what time-frame is still TBD.

AFAIK most modules will be based on our DWS3xxx shield, the same “carrier board” used in the recently released DWS1000: https://www.decawave.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/DWS1000_Schematics_V1_2.pdf

Any information about the DW3000? Datasheet? Product Brief?

No information till now.

Hi, I want to know about dw1000 and dw3000 chip price, Thanks, GBear

You can look for pricing at the Qorvo Store:

But the Chips/Modules/Dev-Boards can also be purchased at some distributors.

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