Are there any plans for a Linux version?

A native version would be perfect, but also a version that runs in Wine would be very helpful.

When I try to install QSPICE in Wine, I get the error message

QSPICE requires Windows 11 or a 64 bit edition of Windows 10.

although I use Wine in “Windows 11” mode by selecting this Windows version in winecfg. The same message appears when I try to run QUX.exe (copied from a Windows installation) in Wine. Both, QSPICE64.exe and QSPICE80.exe seem to work well in Wine, but I’d be happy to be able to use the excellent schematic capture and plot tool of QSPICE as well.

Great question! QSPICE uses the GPU (either CPU-integrated or discrete) for both dithering the schematic and plotting the waveforms. The waveform plotting benefits dramatically from the GPU since it means no data compression is required, and yet the waveforms render extremely quickly. We’ve been testing QSPICE under WINE and have run into a number of challenges related to GPU support. It’s a topic we want to address in the future. We understand the interest in Linux support. For now, command-line support under WINE is possible, as you’ve noted, so we hope you can take advantage of the advances the QSPICE simulation engine brings.

Thanks for your very quick and informative reply.

As the problem is GPU related, would it be possible to add a command line
option for disabling graphics acceleration in a future version?

We’d love to, but the user interface is designed around GPU acceleration. We’ll continue to monitor Wine’s progress, and Wine support will stay on our radar.