Are there any DWM1001-DEV examples that do not use the RTLS anchors

All the Decawave examples seem to assume you are using RTLS anchors

Hi Mark,

Have you had a look at the TWR examples ?

TWR consist in calculating the distance between two devices. There is no definition of “anchor”. You can for example measure the distance between two devices which are not fixed relatively to each others. This can be used for social distanciation application for example, when distance matters.

The anchors are usually required if you are interested in getting a position. But if you’re only looking for ranges only, you don’t necessarly need them/

If by TWR you mean Decawave/dwm1001-examples ss_twr_init and ss_twr_resp, yes I have; but, I was hoping DecaWave had a more supported option - those don’t build. There is a PullRequest that fixes them which has been pending for a year. That seemed to be an indication that DecaWave had abandoned this code.