Are DWM1001-DEV and DWM1000 compatible

Hi, I want to use DWM1000 as TAG and DWM1001DEV as ANCHOR. Both them are operated in Python on different Raspberry 4.
Do I need to modify parameters of DWM1001DEV or DWM1000 to make TAG&ANCHOR work?

These are two different modules…

DWM1000 is a DW1000 transceiver-only module, you need an external host MCU to drive the DW1000 chip directly.

DWM1001 is an integrated module, which has DW1000+nRF52 MCU inside.

Of course, you need to make all the fw and sw on your RPI4 compatible to drive DW1000 directly and to drive DW1000 via nRF52xxx MCU.

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Thank you for your reply and I apologize for my question not being clear enough.
What I mean is:
Can DWM1001DEV and DWM1000 be paired with each other(as ANCHOR&TAG)?

They both contain a DW1000 IC for the radio and so at a basic level the UWB capabilities are the same for both modules.
They do contain different antennas which will result in some slightly different performance characteristics. But this is more a question of range and secondary effects that will only matter if you are trying to push the range accuracy to the limits.

By far the biggest issue is the one alliv already pointed out, they have very different ways of configuring and driving the radio (the 1001 via an onboard micro, the 1000 you need to do directly over SPI). This is purely a firmware issue and completely solvable but generally it’s a lot simpler to only have to write code to support one platform. While possible this approach seems to be adding complexity for no real benefit.

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