Arduino Uno with DWS1000


I’m using the library GitHub - thotro/arduino-dw1000: A library that offers functionality to use Decawave's DW1000 chips/modules with Arduino. in the Arduino IDE to run one of the examples, such as BasicReceiver or BasicSender. I attached the DWS1000 shield to the Arduino UNO, and I’m quite aware about the ticket of How to read DWS1000 on Arduino UNO - #2 by seppe. I know UNO is not ideal for RTLs solution, but my use case is a basic demo. After the demo, I can proceed to the recommended Nucleo F429ZI environment.

The ticket I mentioned stated that I should change the pinout diagram. There’s currently 3 pins I can use in the examples, which are RST = 9, IRQ = 2, and SS (10 in uno). Interestingly, the shield considers IRQ to be 8, and reset to be 7. I think SS is fine. However, even when I change the pin numbers to the correct values, or if I use it as is, I can never transmit or receive from the boards. I Serial.printed several values from the UNO so I think it’s working fine, but never transmitting or receiving the UWB waves.

My end goal is to give a one-dimensional location tracking demo, and I’m a computer scientist with limited experience in circuit design.

P.S. I also have nrf52840 boards as well, but using them with mBed would be very painful. Let me know if there’s a readily available library though.