Arduino Uno and DWS1000 module- communication between two setups problem


I’m using DWS1000 and Arduino uno for the one-dimensional range measurement between two setups. As the first step, I tested BasicConectivity example on GitHub - thotro/arduino-dw1000: A library that offers functionality to use Decawave's DW1000 chips/modules with Arduino. and looks like it is working correctly. Then, I am trying to make communication between Anchor and Tag. I used BasicSender and BasicReceiver examples and there is no communication between them. I should mention that I changed pin numbers, which are RST = 9, IRQ = 2, and SS (10 in uno). Can you help me to use these examples? Could we find a software library or some code examples for using this specific device (DWS1000)?


Hi - Did you manage to get them working ? I have the same problem.

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I’m afraid we are not able to support third party software. Note that even the author of this project has stopped maintaining it since 2019.

Example code for the DWS1000 is available on our website:

See the Software Packages for DWM1000 Module section in for more information.

Also not most Arduino boards use a relatively limited 8-bit ATMega MCU. Developing RTLS solution on this platform can be chalanging due to the required calculations on the host processor and limited SPI speeds. See APS019 Driving DW1000 from 8-bit MCU

What are the current links? The links are no longer active.

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