Arduino Mini + DWM1000

Hi everyboby ! I have a project about " tracking indoor " with many tag .
I have a problem with TDOA in arduino code. I dont find a library TDOA for Arduino.
Can you help me ! Thanks all members.

Hello @jackvn

Please note that TDOA is a very timing sensitive application. This makes it very dependent on the speed of the processor running the algorithms and the communication peripherals, specifically SPI in case of the DWM1000. This makes it very tricky to be executed on an Arduino mini, which is based on an 8-bit ATmega328P MCU with clock speed of only 16MHz and max SPI clock of 8MHz. While it should be possible to run “TDoA tag” firmware on this system, running “TDoA Anchor” firmware will be pretty much impossible or at best very difficult with limited results in terms of accuracy and frequency.

For this reason we do not have Arduino libraries to support the DWM1001. We do have an application note on how to port existing applications to 8-bit CPUs that could help explain the difficulties.

I suggest looking at our MDEK1001 Development Kit. This comes with firmware providing a complete RTLS solution based on TWR (Two Way Ranging).

Thanks you Seppe,
I want to SYNC a mong Anchor . Can you share me a solution?

Hi @jackvn

There is in Github a library that works with DWM1000

As I could understand in the site, it uses TWR

I’ve not tested it, but you can try it.

All the best