APS009 Figure2 problem

The picture Figure2 in APS009 is blurred,Where can I find a clear version?anxious!!:wink:

[font=Tahoma, Arial]https://www.decawave.com/content/operating-dw1000-under-laes-regulations[/font]

[size=small][color=#000000]I have a clearer version of schematic attached here. There are still a couple of corrections outstanding with it. For example RFOUT and N.C. pins should be swapped.
Also GPIOs 4 and 5 should be swapped for consistency with the descriptions in the application note.
R33 and R35 should actually be populated, while R34 and R36 should be removed. Otherwise the RF switch configuration gets swapped.[/color][/size]

[size=small][color=#000000]The corrections/imperfections will be included in the next release of the application note. [/color][/size]

The attachment link is inactive. Could you please share it / send it to me?

Thx in adv. :slight_smile: