Apple NI accessory application integration with DW products

Apple has recently announced a protocol to communicate with third party UWB manufacturer including DW products. In the documentation, it is mentioned that the accessory needs to send a Accessory configuration data message to Apple device to start a NI session for ranging. Here is content of that message:

In the list of parameters, the UWBConfigData parameter has to be provided by the middleware for embedded applications. I was wondering if there is a standard defined by DW to describe UWBConfigData?

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please let me know where or how do i find out the table as your photo ?


You can find that document in this link Nearby Interactions with U1 - Apple Developer.
You’ll need an apple developer account, you can create an account for free.

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very thanks , :slight_smile:
however i have my Free Apple developer account , i always see the link page of Apple Developer Documentation , but i did not see where it is hidden ,
so . please guide / point the direct link to that page that has the table

very thanks , appreciate :slight_smile:

In this link Nearby Interactions with U1 - Apple Developer, scroll down and you’ll find developer preview document.

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great , very thanks once you pointed the direct link :slight_smile:

i already have seen and downloaded its pdf file in order to read it .