Apple Airtag Example for UWB evaluation kits

Can I use the UWB evaluation kits to measure the distance to an Apple AirTag.

The development kits say they are “interoperable” with Apple’s U1 chip.

Is an example of code available?

Hi saleem,

1/ To measure the distance to an Apple AirTag, you’ll need an iPhone (11 minimum), and you need to use the find my application to locate the AirTag.

2/ You can find the code and relevant information here link.

You may need to register before downloading the package.

The software supports Nordic 832/833 and 840 BLE MCU devices as well as support for the Murata Type2AB development board.

Hope it helps,

I am a bit confused. Why do I need an iPhone at all?

Doesn’t the software run on the evaluation board. Can it measure the angle and distance relative to the evaluation board.

The airtag and evaluation board should be enough right?

In the Apple Nearby interaction framework, The evaluation board acts as an accessory.
It can communicate only with an Apple device.

Pleasse read DW3000_Nearby_Interaction_QSG.pdf for more details.

Where can I find this document?

In this link