Apple AirTag Compatibility


Does anybody know if the apple uwb/ble air tags are compatible with the decawave(qorvo) uwb devices?

there is any guide (or maybe in the future) to create decawave uwb based devices compatible with uwb enabled apple/android smartphones?,

I think is also needed to interact with BLE a Demo with DWM1001 should be amazing.

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Do the AirTags or Apple’s UWB implementation use the 802.15.4z standard? Or is Apple’s UWB implementation proprietary?

There is a simple way to tell if an apple interface is proprietary:
Is it possible for them to make it proprietary without making the system completely unusable? Then yes, it’s proprietary.

This is a company that made their bluetooth interface proprietary.

Qorvo UWB solutions enable developers to evaluate new user experiences based on location, distance and direction. Beta evaluation kits and modules work out of the box with supported Apple products and allow developers of accessories to evaluate the capabilities of UWB technology.