App - Qorvo Nearby Interaction / Qorvo NI Background

Hi :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: I am using DWM3001cdk and DWM3000 with nrf52840 for UWB

The qorvo Nearby interaction Application introduced through that product page are NIAccessory([1]) and the version of a patch([2]). // Qorvo_Apple_Nearby_Interaction_Beta_release

  1. Where can I get source codes(maybe swift) ‘Nearby interaction Application which exist in Appstore[3]’?
    It is far nicer than the apps above([1][2]).

Then with the similarity of names and comparability of codes used in DWM3001CDK for [1], I thought the apps (of [3] and [4]) are an upgraded version.
But are codes of App [3] and [4] private?

  1. Could I get source code( maybe SES project and swift) about ‘Qorvo NI Background App’[4] which is in Appstore?
    This app didn’t find My DWM devices which were founded and connected to other apps[1][2][3].

The part can be skipped below.

At first, I wanted to use DWM 3001cdks.
However, the software that fit right in was small except for several examples, and many software provided in ‘DWM3000 API Software and API Guide’ didn’t work.
(I try to do. But it took so many times cuz it’s my first time )

Because there are few application available and fitted right in DWM3001cdk, I wanted to get the source code of [3][4]. I think Nearby interaction application is only a powerful App.

Now, my period of development doesn’t remain a lot. :cry:
I wonder if I just don’t find materials about the app of [3] and [4]

Thank you for listening. Good luck :+1:

Hi @sivow40 !

The sources for both, iOS and device are part of a new release that will be available on Qorvo website anytime soon.
The Background app uses a new BLE service and will not find your device, you’ll have to update your devices with the new firmware, when available.

I’ll ping here again if I have any news!
Kind regards!

Hi @carlos.silva !!! :grinning:
Thank you for your kind informing

By the way, Where can I have “Nearby Interaction Accessory Protocol Specification, Developer Preview , Release R1”?
I found only Release R2.

I guess there are other informations in R1 (like 4.4.2 on the UWB Interoperability Specification in the annotation of ble.c)

Hi @sivow40!

You should contact Apple to find it, but I don’t think it has something different from R2, besides the Nearby Interaction Service specification:

from the “Nearby Interaction Accessory Protocol Specification… R2”, revision history:

• R1: Initial release
• R2: Added Nearby Interaction service

Best regards!

Hi, @sivow40 !

Qorvo Nearby Interaction Software package v.3.0 is finally here, including sources, binaries, and documentation (embedded firmware, example application, mobile application)

Please check the Evaluation Tools tab in the DWM3001CDK or DWM3000EVB products page:

Best regards!

Wow Thank you so much for your many informing information ! :grinning:
Good luck!!
Best regards!

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