App development advice, please!

Any advice on how to develop an Android tablet app that would link to the DecaWave APIs and allow interaction with the data? The application is a very cool one: track rats that are detecting land mines for Apopo. (For more on these HeroRats and how they are clearing millions of square meters of land mines, see The goal is to develop an app that would let the rat handlers simply click an on-screen button when the rat indicates that they’ve detected a land mine. That would mark the spot digitally for later removal by the land mine removal team.

We need to make a very user-friendly and reliable app that can be used in the field in third-world countries by relatively uneducated people. It needs to be very simple and obvious to use.

Is there any open-source code that we could borrow and build from for this? We’re spending our own funds and don’t have much money so want to minimize the app development expense.

DecaWave people - is there an app development package that you’d recommend?

Does anyone have any advice on where/how to hire an app developer that would be familiar with developing apps for DecaWave tech?

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Hi Dave,

I’m not sure if you’ve seen but decawave is actually providing the source code of the MDEK android application :

Maybe it would be a good starting point, if you simplify it.

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Unable to open this thread link, is it still exiting or not. Or do you have another solution for that kind of issue?

I also would like to know about how to develop app. Would highly appreciate if someone guides me a little. :slight_smile:

There are few routes one can take depending on your configuration.

You can use BLE to communicate between tags but range will be a challange if reciever is at one place
Use one module as a listner and connect it to android device etc. I have interfaced one to computer through usb its not that bad.

Great advice so far. Thanks for the details. :slight_smile: