apg Position being returned as x:0 y:0 z:0 qf:50


I’ve started with the Decawave MDEK1001 kit which includes the DWM1001 tags. I’ve used the USB UART interface to configure 4 units as anchors, with one being the initiator. I have an additional 5th unit configured as an active tag.

I can request the list of anchors using la. This yields 0,1,2,3, all with positions as 0.00:0.00:0.00. When I request apg of the tag, I receive x:0 y:0 z:0 qf:50. How do I get the retaliative position of the tag to the anchors / anchors to each other? The relative position is what I need for my application, and I’d prefer not to have to set up anchored tags.

I have not used the Android app since I do not want to use these in absolute mode. Can I get them running using the UART interface as is? What do I need to do?


You must configure anchor positions in order to get tag location.

The location engine uses anchor positions and tag-anchor ranges to estimate tag position.

This is how PANS FW works. If you want something else you will need to develop own location engine or own FW.


Thank you for your quick reply. So any relational distances as described in APS003 on page 6, need to be done via custom firmware? Will this be in release 2 by any chance? Is there any good articles where others have started down this process?


PANS FW does TWR RTLS with fixed anchors, and mobile tags. If you need a different application (e.g. like the one on page 6 of APS003) then you need to develop it yourself. Perhaps someone else might have done this already, but then you’ll need to port their solution to DWM1001 FW or buy their solution with their HW choice.

Release 2 will be the same as Release 1 - i.e. TWR RTLS with fixed anchors and mobile tags.