Apache kafka on rp3

Hi all.
In order to secure messages in a temporarily internet disconnection I am considering installing apache kafka in front of mosquitto mqtt.

Kafka has persistent message storage, and that solves the lost of messages when no internet connection.

One issue is not to degrade performance because kafka is written in java and needs jvm to run.

Any experiences around here?

Hi Ramiro,

I haven’t tried that myself. Let us know how it goes would be interested to see.

Keep in mind the raspberry pi kernel must not be updated to preserve the correct gateway behavior.


What you need is a simple MQ. Kafka is overengineering for this kind of work. Try beanstalkd (https://beanstalkd.github.io/) , it worked for us on a larger scale. For RPI it should quite efficient.

Thanks Vish.
I’ll check it out.
Is it possible to connect mosquitto mqtt to beanstalkd ?

Mi concern is not to loose messages when internet goes down, and as far I as know, with only mosquitto mqtt, and the dwm daemon, goes to mosquitto…