AoA localization


I recently came across this paper on AoA:

  • Can Decawave comment on when this evaluation kit will be available?
  • Alternatively, is it possible to do a similar setup using two EVBs clocked from the same crystal?


There is an Evaluation Kit based on PDOA - limited availability. Instead of AOA Now we call it as PDOA.
Please refer this newsletter for more details -

The PDOA Node Kit is designed based on two DW1000 chips clocked from same crystal.

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I would like to use PDoA for a project that’s at the beginning of the design stage.
How do I get hold of a PDoA Eval Kit?


Hi Josh,

Please go through the docs shared as part of the PDoA Evaluation Kit

These documents defines the overview of the PDoA Kit and how to use it

  1. PDoA_Product_Brief_v1.0.pdf
  2. Beta_PDoA_Tool_Kit_User_Manual.pdf

These documents defines the PDoA Node, Tag and RTLS PC Application

  1. DWM1002-PDOA-Node-Source-Code-Guide.pdf
  2. DWM1003-Tag-Source-Code-Guide.pdf
  3. DecaPDOARTLS_PC_Source_Code_Guide.pdf

This document explains about how to determine Phase Difference of Arrival

  1. PDOA-Primer.pdf

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