Anyone have Noise Issues?

We have observed on several occasiosions a noise issue it will manifest itself one of 2 ways with the evk1000 dev kits

  1. random noise with a standard deviation is much as 50cm
  2. the range measurement jumps from an correct range measurement to an incorrect range measurement

We have observed this several occasions when an anchor and node are line-of-site of another about 5m away. Anyone have an idea what could be causing this behavior? The technical support from Decawave we have got suggested that the problem could be a near-field related since we had metal within the anchor and tag’s 15cm metal-free zone

The following image illustrates our issue. Here we had 2 different configurations we wanted to compare (different channels and different mode) lets call them net1 and net2. Net1 and Net2 were mounted alongside one another on 2 different machines (one machine had net1 anchor 1 and net 2 anchor 1 and the other machine had net1 tag1 and net2 tag1). The figure illustrates this

We have the 2 networks mounted alongside one another so ideally they should be identical if you were to remove offsets. However, this noise issue is prevalent on the one network. Y axis is time and X axis is meters between each networks anchor 1 and tag 1