Any MDEK1001/DWM1001 tutorial for Arduino


Is there any tutorial or guide how can I read position data in Arduino?

If I have 2 DWM1001-DEV board, how can read two way range data from an Arduino board? How can I connect a DWM1001-DEV to an Arduino is there any diagram? Is there any sample code?

Any help will be appreciated.


The connectivity of the DWM1001-DEV is described in the datasheet.
While some basic examples in the firmware user guide.

Both are attached

Currently we do not have an Arduino code example. There is a code examples for Raspberry Pi that could be adapted to your needs. Also the data is available via UART or SPI.

Thanks for your reply,
From the datasheet I can only find a raspberry pi sample.
If I understand it correctly, DWM1001 PIN18 is UART RX and PIN20 is UART TX so I should connect those 2 pins to my Arduino board?

From the firmware user guide there is only a sample for raspberry pi, is there an Arduino library I can use?