Any Info on DWM3001C Shell Commands or PANS?


I am currently looking into the DWM3001C, and believe that it should function more similarly to the DWM1001C than to the DWM3000, as it has a built in processor, which I assume you should be able to communicate with via an external processor similar to the shell commands on the DWM1001C. Unfortunately, the official documentation is very similar to that of the DWM3000 (DW3XXX_Software_API_Guide_2p2.pdf) and makes no reference to shell commands, PANS network, or any other such utility.

Is there a system similar to the DWM1001C’s shell commands and PANS that is either on the DWM3001C or plans to be added to it down the road? If so then could you please point me in the direction of some documentation useful for external processor manipulation of the device? If not then how would one use an external processor to talk to the DWM3001C device, as I have experience configuring and using the DWM3000 through SPI based register manipulation, but imagine that I cannot do that with the DWM3001C’s processor in between my external one and the location engine device.

Lastly, the DWM3001C data sheet’s very first page has a functional block diagram outlining that the device has a UART line that can connect an exterior device to the built in Nordic nRF52833 processor, but the pin descriptions in section 3.2 show no pin labeled as UART_RX or UART_TX. Could you please confirm whether or not UART lines exist on this device, and if so what their pinouts are?


Hi @clandrum
unfortunately for now there is no PANS for DWM3001C.

With the regards of the DWM3001 - there is internal nRF52833 processor which you can program by your self using SWD lines. But you need to write your own code to do what ever you want.