Antenna impedance matching

Hi all,

I was wondering if it would be recommended to add an antenna tuning circuit (pi-matching) for impedance matching right before the antenna in my custom PCBs. My question comes from previously designing BLE circuits with nRF52 where this is usually recommended. Also, it is fairly common to do this with a vector network analyzer for high frequency rf circuits. Is there a reason that Decawave does not have this in their design or recommending this to my knowledge?


Hi @bstarbuck
this is because Qorvo(Decawave) have optimized their antennas to match with DWxxxx chips. If you will use 3rd party antenna then you might need to add there a space for antenna matching.


They also use the acs5200hfauwb, a third party antenna, in DWM1004c and DWM3000 with no matching circuit, but I see your point. I guess that they are tuning out the imaginary components of impedance before it leaves the DWxxxx, and then just relying on the trace width of the transmission line to maintain the match.