Antenna design for PDoA

Can anyone help me about two PCB antennas design for PDoA application using dw3220 chip?

  1. Maybe there are some gerbers or dimensions for double antenna from QM33120WDK1?
  2. Is there appnote for DW3x20 about PDoA? How to place antennas on board? Other details about PCB tracing?
  3. Maybe someone can explain basic PDoA principles. Like:
    From which antenna points I should calculate lamda/2 - Is that a middle of antennas or
    extreme points of antennas or some else points?
    How the number of PCB layers influence to antenna characteristics?

Any information can be useful. Thanks.

1, 2: This info is only available under NDA or License agreement. Contact a sales rep: Contact a Qorvo Sales Representative - Qorvo
3: λ/2 distance should be between the phase centres of the antennas, typically the feed points. Best to simulate the antennas farfield phase and calculate PDoA from simulation.

Hi, on similar issue - what antenna type is in QM33120WDK1 development kit?

i saw the following in the code:


thanks, Yair

JOLIE 5/9 dual band antennas

Thanks. Does the antenna type also should be considered in the single antenna Tag? I saw in the example code LUT and calcs of the PDOA Tag, but not on the transmitting Tag

The antenna command is used on the node to select the correct LUT for AoA, depending on channel
>antenna JOLIE5 JOLIE5 none none
>antenna JOLIE9 JOLIE9 none none

Its not needed on the tag.