Answering the phone

Does Decawave ever answer the phone. Everytime I tried to call I got an answering machine saying outside business hours. Today Mon 7 Jan I expected everything to be back to normal. But still only answering machines.

Does Decawave ever answer the phone? If not how do you contact them?

What Decawave location are you trying to contact?

The head office in Ireland. The number is: +353 1 6975030

Is there an office that of Decawave that actually answers the phone? I know this is an absurd question.
But do they have a policy of not answering the phone? In which case why even have a phone number?

I note that instead of saying what the office hours are they just say we are ringing outside office hours.I am really mystified by their telephone attitude.

The phone line is active. Any callers that leave a message are called back or responded to.
Any missed calls are not called back.
So maybe try and leave a message?

Ok I’ll try leaving a message. Problem is I’m not sure whom I wish to speak to. Normally you discuss this with reception.

So in principle Decawave never answers the phone, instead only calling back messages left on the machine?
I find it a very strange way of doing business but at least I know now.