Another Low-Priority Feature Request -- Move Waveform Cursor To Next Simulation Point?

Maybe it’s there and I’m missing it… I’d like to be able to move the cursor from one simulation point to the next. At the moment, I’m zooming in (repeatedly) and moving the cursor until I think it’s close enough to the actual simulation point. Then I zoom back out and do the same for a second cursor for deltas. But it would be cool to be able to move left/right from actual simulation point to point.


– robert


Probably you want measure something?
Try .measure

Snapping to simulation data points would also be helpful for debugging code blocks, where I sometimes want to know the exact value at a time point, or the exact time of data point.

Hi, Rhino. Thanks but I’m debugging C-Block code and trying to inspect/compare results at simulation points. I don’t think .measure will help.