Animation in simulation

Any plans to introduce the capability of animation like blinking LED etc.?

Not sure about blinking LEDs as that would suggest that the simulation runs in real-time. However, I would vote for a way for the schematic symbol to update based on parameters (prior to/outside of running the simulation).

Use case: SPST/SPDT/DPST/DPDT/etc.symbols that reflect the switch state visually when a parameter is changed prior to running the sim. Insert the switch, wire it up, set a parameter, and see which nets are connected.

That would be cool. And presumably pretty complicated for the implementer. Unless – if I dream – there’s a DLL hook that us inveterate coders could use to add that functionality on a voluntary basis. That would be extra cool.

(The more that I think about it, the less crazy it sounds in my head. We already have the DLL interface that could do the switching. It just has no way to tell the GUI to do something outside of a running simulation. Dare I hope?)